December 29, 2016

Teen Dating: How Young is Too Young?

Teen Dating: How Young is Too Young?
By Kerrie McLoughlin
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I think many of us can relate to Deanna, mom of three girls (one a teen), when she said, “Dating? Not my babies!!!” My own first date happened when I was 16 ½, and my parents were hard-core: if I missed curfew by 1 minute I was grounded for two weeks (I was grounded quite often). For me, 13 or 14 would have been too young for dating because boys still freaked me out then, and I had no siblings to learn from.

Many parents take the issue of teen dating on a case-by-case basis because every kid is different. Some are more mature at age 15, while some may not be ready for a first date until age 19. “We don’t have a set age yet for dating, and our oldest is 14. I think a numerical age is way too hard to pinpoint because of different maturity levels. I do see being a responsible driver as somewhat related to being able to handle dating,” said Wendy Budetti, mom of five.

Kerrie McLoughlin ( is a seasoned mom of five, and her oldest is heading into Dating World very soon!

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