December 29, 2016

Green Your Valentine's Day (10 Ways)

How to Green Your Valentine’s Day
By Kerrie McLoughlin
596 words

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Growing up, I loved making valentines for my pals at school and decorating a box to collect my own cards, candy and trinkets in. I could also always count on something chocolate and some other small gift from my parents, as well as cards from extended family, waiting for me at home. Sounds like a lot of February holiday waste, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I recently started feeling some environmental guilt when I realized how much Valentine’s Day stuff my own five kids would go through over the years and came up with some green ways to celebrate. Give them a try!

1.      Whether your child is too little to attend school, is currently going to school or is homeschooled, making a fancy holder for Valentine’s Day goodies is important for keeping fun stuff in from the day. A cardboard shoebox or a large plastic ice cream bucket work great … and they are recyclable when all is said and done! All your little sweetie has to do is cut a hole in the lid large enough to handle treats and notes, then she can decorate it with stickers, crepe paper, glitter glue, construction paper and more.

2.      You can easily make your child feel special by making a heart-shaped breakfast to start the day on a fun note. Grab a heart-shaped metal cookie cutter to shape things like eggs, toast (don’t forget the strawberry jam!) and pancakes.

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