November 19, 2016

Holiday Gifts Teachers REALLY Want

Holiday Gifts Teachers REALLY Want
By Kerrie McLoughlin
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You want to show appreciation for your child’s teacher but are most likely short on time and maybe even on money. I polled teachers across the country to find out what gifts they are loving this year and which ones they would happily take a pass on. The answers might surprise you.

Must-Have Gifts (the full article shares 7):
·        Gift cards for local and chain restaurants because a teacher’s gotta eat!
·         Gift cards for teacher supply stores so the teacher can restock the supply for the classroom with items such as tacks, books, markers, pens, calendars and other fun items that might not be provided by the school.
·        Chocolate and coffee products! Consider putting together a basket of special chocolate bars, hot chocolates, fancy coffees and creamers and other treats.

Get to know them and find out what they like (4 quotes from parents and teachers across the country)
Melinda Cerra, mom of four, says, “Our school's room parent coordinator (which was me for a while) has teachers fill out a questionnaire telling us their favorite food, restaurants, stores, colors, drinks, scents, classroom needs, etc. every year. Very helpful. Also has the teacher's birthday. My daughter Lily's 4th grade teacher was a total health nut and didn't like most of the stuff that lots of the other teachers liked. I liked buying for her.”

Gifts to skip (the full article shares 5):
·         Anything homemade. It may be easy for you to whip up a batch of cookies or give your famous banana bread, but the teacher may be watching his or her sugar, gluten, calories or worse … might be allergic!
·         Candles and mugs. Same as with lotions and scents. And a teacher can only burn and store so many candles every year.  Where to store so many mugs? And how to rotate and use them all so every kid gift-giver feels special? Erin Hammons, preschool teacher, says, “No more candles or mugs. Yes, they are quick and easy to buy but everyone's tastes are very different. Get to know each teacher personally if possible. Gift cards aren't as personable but they are easier and still just as much appreciated. Maybe a little candy too!”

The bottom line seems to be that it’s entirely worth it to take some time to get to know your child’s teacher’s likes and dislikes. Then pick a gift with your child accordingly, and you’re sure to give the teacher a happy holiday break and a wonderful school year!

Kerrie McLoughlin ( is the homeschool mom of 5 who has many teacher gifts to buy for her kids’ religious ed and co-op teachers this year and will take these suggestions to heart!

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