March 19, 2017

6 Mother's Day Traditions

6 Mother’s Day Traditions
By Kerrie McLoughlin
461 words

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Ah, it’s time for my favorite holiday: Mother’s Day! I always feel relaxed and pampered on this one day of the year and I definitely milk it and enjoy it. Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day traditions you might like to see in your house this year — or any year!

Note: Please don’t feel like your loved ones should hit all six or you’ll go on a laundry strike. Just print these ideas out, leave them lying around and surely they’ll catch the hint!

1.      Flower Mom with love. Flowers are a favorite – and very easy – way to make a mom feel special. My very favorite flower is Lily of the Valley because it reminds me of my own mother. One year my husband planted some in front of our house, and they bloom every year as a reminder of what he did for me on Mother’s Day. Consider hitting the local florist for a bigger bouquet in a colorful vase. A potted flowering plant or hanging basket of petunias would be low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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