July 11, 2016

I'm not a Grammar Nazi; I'm a Document Control Freak (Editor Versus Proofreader)

Should have snapped a pic of this but I didn't want to look like a psycho (for a change) ... for the record, I NEVER go to Whole Foods but was close and needed cookies for kids and up on their wall is writing and it was HUGE. Something about "great tasting food" and I was physically uncomfortable at the NON-USE of a hyphen in great-tasting as a modifier.
Doesn't all food TASTE like something? But not all food is great-tasting food. I envisioned myself getting a ladder and a paint brush or massive Sharpie and putting in that hyphen. I'm not a Grammar Nazi, because I'm not an editor. I'm a Document and Word Control Freak because I'm a proofreader. The proofreader catches all the tiny junk the editor doesn't catch.
I know if a sentence sounds wonky but I don't get caught up in the anal retentiveness of fixing a sentence that sounds GREAT but which doesn't follow every grammar rule taught by all the English teachers in the world. Instead, I want writing to have energy, voice, personality. And then I fix the stuff like hyphens and semi-colons and extra spaces between words, and even sometimes other formatting issues to make it pretty.
What's my point? Maybe that we all have different strengths ... and that it's okay to hire a proofreader to catch your mistakes. Everybody needs help sometime!

You can find my Fiverr proofreading reviews and a link to my gig here!

April 19, 2016

WriterKerrie Fiverr 5-Star Proofreading Reviews ... I Love My Clients!

I have been a proofreader/editor on Fiverr for over 3 years now, since April of 2013! I love my Fiverr proofreading/editing clients so much! I work with many of them several times ... on resumes, college papers, business correspondence, personal correspondence, novels, nonfiction books, ebooks, emails, anything! I enjoy getting to know them and learn about their needs. I'd love to work with you! Because I am also an article writer and Amazon author, I know how important your words are and I treat your project like my own! You can find me here!

99. samspc 

Thank you for a perfect service with a nice cooperation

98. urisimba 

Fast, reliable and efficient. I'll definitely use her services again.

97. dangarriott 


96. jranga 

She is excellent and reliable. I will totally come back to her and recommended her.

95. tonytcc 

AGAIN very good Quick turn around. Professional. Saved me a lot of time. I will be using your service again....VERY SOON.

94. gaga659 

Best proofreading gig at Fiverr!

93. ohagit 

This is the second time I've worked with writerkerrie, and I'm very happy with the results. She is highly professional and very nice to communicate with. I will surely use here services again. Thank you!

92. sylwiakleczynsk 

Great and quick service! Highly recommend

91. martinciaffone 

Excellent job, fast and professional !! Highly recommended :-)

90. onyxwoman 

Very dependable and reliable. Her professionalism keeps me coming back.

89. barbarasell 

Very impressed with your editing and all of your suggestions were spot on. Thank you for your diligent work. This seller definitely recognizes the task at hand, and I look forward to working with her again!

88. onyxwoman 

Just love her. She makes my very stressful life so much easier. A God send!

87. stentuudak 

Awesome job, again. Kerrie is just the best and I probably will come back to her. 100% recommend :)

86. lwolcott 

Kerrie is great!

85. roie_yellinek 

Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

84. burich827i 

Awesome! Just great! Thank you so much! Be sure to return!

83. dealness 

Great job reviewing my manuscript and providing helpful feedback as well. I would use this service again in the future.

82. erict4 

I've been using Kerrie to edit my work for more than 3 years. She's an excellent editor, easy to work with, and always delivers beyond my expectations.

81. ekpanith 

Kerrie did a great job and super efficient!! She is very fast and response very well. She did not disappear and lose touch like many other people you get here in Fiverr. I asked her for more thoughts on the work and she replied very well. She is awesome!! I would recommend her to anyone!

80. trinidad15 

Amazing work thanks so much! Highly recommend everyone to use this seller!!

79. tonytcc 

After looking at what you did I am not sure I am qualified to even write my own name. You are phenomenal. I have already referred you to 2 people. Thank you. You will hear from me again. Great work.

78. moneystarthere 

I am a repeat customer and LOVE working with Kerrie! She always delivers accurate work, on time with great communication. I highly recommend her!

77. bobcipher 

Would I recommend? You BET I would!

76. reno1313 

Great work again! I'm so glad you can proof read and mark edits on PDF! I'll definitely continue to hire you!

75. mattjon247 

Promptly delivered and thoroughly reviewed. I just put Kerrie on retainer!

74. dorian57 

Very good job again Kerrie. I love the edited version which allow me to see what was wrong. Will buy your gig again for sure.

73. doriadar 

I've used WriterKerry's services a few times already. She's fast, reliable, and does an outstanding job.

72. tsvetandimov 

Outstanding experience. 100% profesional.

71. feliciavalceanu 

Karrie did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for your help. I will come back to you any time I will need wonderful proofreading. I truly recommend Kerrie, she is a pro!

70. doriadar 

I've used WriterKerry's services a few times already. She's fast, reliable, and does an outstanding job.

69. anoukkr 

Whoa Kerrie is amazing  Great proofread as always!

68. kaurin_design 

Kerrie did an excellent job and will hire her again, for sure. I extremely recommend her! Superb work!

67. tsvetandimov 

Excellent and professional service. Service is exactly as described! Highly recommended! Thank you very much.

66. rodders2011 

Really great to have on our team as someone that can make your written work shine! Thank you!

65. christiankarch 

excellent service! I got what I was looking for and then some!

64. ksadler 

Thank you so much Kerrie! I now have the confidence to present my book. Folks, she proofread and edited over 30,000 word book! Spectacular!

63. tonyburtt 

I'm very happy with the fast and detailed work! I'll definitely use this excellent service again.

62. moneystarthere 

I am a repeat client and this was another perfect order! Kerrie is fantastic to work with.

61. selinavbrown 

Great editing from Kerrie again for my novella series. I've reviewed it and very happy with the first time round. Service is exactly as described and she doesn't disappoint. Thank you!

60. rodders2011 

Quality! Writerkerrie makes such a difference to my written work. I would strongly recommend! It is a simple as that!

59. rgenena 

Highly recommended. She delivered excellent work in almost no time.

58. christiankarch 

professional, responsive and fast!

57. kidsdoubledesk 

Kerrie's suggestions were perfect; attention to detail flawless, and her turn-around time was at breakneck speed. I am certain that I will use her again. Thank you, Kerrie!

56. rossstokes 

Awesome work thanks Kerrie! You're my favourite editor :)

55. rossstokes 

Brilliant experience! Always nice to find someone who share's a similar subject interest. Will definitely use Kerrie's editing service again.

54. aghyyy 

Fast delivery, awesome and thorough proofread. Highly recommended.

53. mail2maciek 

Great person with totally profesional approach and skills! thank you so much!

52. anastasiap 

Great, thank you a lot! Very fast and professional.

51. pettibonelaw 

This is the best proof reader ever. We use her for our important documents and now we are going to use her for everything. She is the best proof reader on Fiverr! Thanks.

50. dorian57 

I am very happy about the proofreading (she sends an edited and a changed version for each document, it's very useful to see what has been changed). It has also been delivered much earlier than planned. Will use her services again in the future for sure. Thank you very much.

49. reno1313 

Thank you so much for your great work! You makes me feel very confident in the document, thanks to you! She is alway right on time and very easy to communicate with. I'm definitely coming back! You are fantastic!

48. lisaros 

Amazing work! Would definitely have writerkerrie proofread my material again. Fast work and outstanding quality. Thank you so much!

47. morganspinedi 

Writerkerrie has been fantastic to work with. Her entire process and approach are both enthusiastic and supportive. I believe that she really loves the work that she does and it shows in her process. It helps she shares a commonality and appreciation for the process. Highly recommended! Thanks!

46. anoukkr 

I'm a repeating customer, and continue to love Kerrie's work. She's great!

45. moneystarthere 

More great work! I have used a lot of people on Fiverr and this one is one of the best! If you need good quality work, order now!

44. moneystarthere 

Another fantastic order! Great communication, on-time, perfect work, loved the way she provided the corrections and engaged me as a client.

43. moneystarthere 

Another great order...good communication and fantastic work. I very much appreciate that Kerrie is willing to proof/audit online course material.

42. buffywimmer 

I had no idea that not only would you edit with recommended changes, but you would actually DO the changes for me!!!! Thank you! I have one more paper due in June. Hopefully you can edit that one as well.

41. yasir22 

Quick, concise, solid suggestions-got what I needed, when I needed it! Thanks!

40. joseywhite 

From a Jamaican girl "yu gwane gud" I have given out editing work on Fiverr and no one come close to your quality of work. I will use you again and again. People if your doing a book and need a good editor check this lady. I am a happy buyer.Thank you so much for the opportunity to proofread my work

39. henlang 

An amazing editor. Professionalism at its best.

38. arshingul 

The service was superb! Kerrie was responsive to my needs and delivered my order in less than 24 hours.

37. luminous82 

Quick, accurate and does a great job! Thanks!

36. moneystarthere 

Fantastic work, good communication and on time. Kerrie went over and above to accommodate my request...I will absolutely be using her again! Thank you!!!! BTW she caught things other proof readers did not!

35. halinagold 

Perfect job, as always! When it comes to proofreading writerkerrie is by far my preferred choice here.

34. alicandoit 

My first Fiverr experience and it has been a joy. So glad I found writerkerrie, will work with her again.

33. w5star 

Fast response to inquiries , order done in a considerable short amount of time . I can see that all the changes the seller made to my work and I like it . I highly recommend this seller !!

32. onyxwoman 

This must be my 5th time using her services. I will continue to use. I needed to have someone who I can have confidence in to represent my brand in such a professional manner.

31. orangeka 

Always the best! I wish I could hire her full time! She's so Damn good......

30. tricepruitt 

Kerrie is the best! I highly recommend her services. Always delivered on time, and perfect! You will be happy you hired her.

29. selinavbrown 

Kerrie did an awesome job on my 40K novella. Some parts had been edited over 6 years ago but I had added in 70% more. Kerrie's corrections were heavy in the non-edited parts with pick ups still in the edited parts! She even picked me up on a word I made up *blushing here. Will use again :)

28. lembayungsky 

Definitely one of my best experiences in Fiverr. 5 star for everything + FAST turnaround time. Will order more soon and highly recommended to everyone!

27. jimkoehneke 

Kerrie is a magnificent proofreader. Her attention to detail is superb. And she really is an expert with grammar and punctuation. Importantly, Kerrie is professional and friendly to work with. I have always enjoyed working with her, and will continue to only use her in the future.

26. evouniverse 

Superb work, fast response time. I will be adding writerkerrie to one of my favorites as a person to come to for editing needs! HIRE HER!!

25. hthorg 

What a delight to have my work so thoroughly proofed with promptness as well. It's a relief to know I don't have to worry about my grammar being perfect ever again because writerkerrie will take care of that!

24. slifersoft345 

Wow I thought it would be a longshot, but Kerrie was able to edit my Op-Ed piece within half an hour of my request. She was so responsive, and the editting top notch. I will definitely do business again ^_^

23. dwaynedoty 

Writerkerrie did an awesome job on my essay. She is excellent. I had footnotes, references and resources to document using the APA style. She effectively repaired my essays with accuracy and professionalism. Naturally I will recommend her to and MA candidate.

22. writerpm 

I'm new here, this was my first purchase, and frankly, it made me nervous. But I found Kerrie and after we negotiated (she made that easy) I agreed to send her my 152 page travel book to proofread. She delivered on time, improved the manuscript, and communicated clearly. Highly recommended!

21. lawandateal 

Exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Kerrie again in the future. I highly recommend her for your proofreading and editing needs.

20. ghost0 

The best experience I had on fiverr so far.

19. onyxwoman 

Yes, yes, yes! I love a professional who makes my life easier. Great personality, on time; even exceeds deadline. Will I use her again? Of course...again, and again and again.

18. jniblick 

Kerrie was awesome! Accurate, timely and affordable. What more could you possibly ask for?!?!

17. jackslash 

I needed someone to review my blog post ASAP and writerkerrie was willing to tackle it in lightning speed, masterfully catching all my errors and typos. So glad I found her. She's a keeper!

16. dwaynedoty 

I needed help with my essays for a graduate class I was taking. I searched Fiver for "the right person" to edit my work. I had contacted three other Fivers but writer Karrie returned my message quicker than the other Fivers. She returned the completed papers in record time. What an awesome lady!

15. dwaynedoty 

Thank you, Kerrie. The editing you completed is exactly what I needed. After you completed the first order I knew I could trust your work with the remaining eight pieces of work. I feel indebted to you. Highly recommended! Thanks, Dwayne

14. hafsakhan 

I am AMAZED at how well kerrie proofread my assignment!! I am super happy with my work now! Will definitely be contacting her in the future!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER HELP :)

13. sambartos 

Excellent work! I went over my document 100 times and she still caught things I missed. So glad I used her, would 100% use again!

12. bkeeler1 

OMG! OMG! OMG! Kerrie is an all-star editor. My friend and I needed to complete an application due at 11:59pm and Kerrie got it done in just a few hours with time to spare! I would definitely use her again. Very professional and great at what she does. By far my best Fiverr experience!

11. cozywriterquilt 

I asked writerkerrie to proofread an 82,000 word manuscript as quickly as possible. No only did she come through by the deadline but she did a great job AND kept me up on her progress with emails. I owe her a million dollars but that is not nearly what she charged. The fee was very reasonable.

10. kodiak30 

Excellent work, Fast and perfect. She did a great proof read, fixed grammatical errors and rewrites in the way a customer would understand. I will use her again for future services.

9. jimkoehneke 

Kerrie is amazing! She finds everything that needs changing, replaces those with what's needed, and delivers her work on time. In addition, her communication with me has been friendly and helpful. I would not use anyone else for proofreading! Kerrie is GREAT!

8. One lovely client said:
Just to let you know, I got the highest grades for my research projects that you helped me to edit. Thank you!!!

7. bjgriffiths 

Really happy with the proofing Kerrie did. She got through my 88000 word manuscript early. Highly recommended.

6. maurice0012 

Kerrie is the real deal. She is very personable, very passionate about proofreading and will be my editing choice for my future books. Good stuff and value here!

5. babagilo 

I trusted Kerrie to proofread my book and I could not be more pleased and happier. She exceeded all my expectations. Her timing and communication were outstanding. She caught every little thing. If you are looking for an excellent proofreader, look no further. Thanks for everything Kerrie.

4. geowriter 

EXCELLENT! Kerrie did a very thorough job of editing my writing. I've had (roughly) a thousand people look at this article for me and Kerrie is the only one who caught some of the mistakes. Thanks! Would most definitely recommend!

3. bobslej
and I am in love with friendly sellers ;) You have 972 positive reviews which mean you could rest on your laurels but you still maintain great relation and have a great attitude towards EACH customer, and this is what brought my attention mostly ;)

I am also sure of your expertise and that I will get perfect text :)

Anytime today is perfectly fine Kerrie, thank you!

2. selinavbrown 

I loved Kerrie's enthusiasm and her proofing was spot on - to me that's someone who finds the grammar gremlins but doesn't change the author's voice. Will use again :)

1. c0052254 

I was 99% sure there were no errors, but I wanted to be completely certain. So I asked my work to be proof read. The work came back like i had been in school. So many errors found. Would like to thank the seller for the help, and proof reading. Thank You