March 7, 2017

Things to Think About When Considering Homeschooling

Things to Think About When Considering Homeschooling
By Kerrie McLoughlin
705 words

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We just started our tenth year of homeschooling at my house, and these days I’m teaching five kids in five different grades. Sure, there are nutty days, but 99% of the time it just works for us. If the thought of homeschooling makes you cringe, definitely don’t undertake it; it’s not for everyone and some kids thrive in a regular school setting. If you’ve been toying with the idea and are wondering if it’s for you, read on for some things to consider while you explore this thing called homeschooling that’s gaining popularity every year.

Socialization. It’s not all about the education, parents. Get ready to be Activities Director for your child because making friends and knowing how to deal with issues that may arise with those friends and other people are a big part of life and something kids need to learn. Co-ops are a great place to start since there is learning and socializing, just like in a brick and mortar school setting, only the parents are the teachers and are more hands-on. 

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