March 19, 2017

Mompetition ... Don't Play Along!

Mompetition … Don’t Play Along!
By Kerrie McLoughlin
694 words

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According to, mompetition is “the one-up rivalry that moms play making their child seem better, smarter, and/ or more advanced than yours. May involve two or more moms and any number of children, even full-grown.” I like the “even full-grown” part of that because it is so true. Ever see a couple of 60-something women comparing number of grandchildren and number of married children and their jobs? Oh, yes, it happens daily, and it has to stop.

I've never really been competitive; maybe it's the Only Child thing. I just don't really care what other people are doing and don't have the desire to one-up them. That being said, I always know when I’m dealing with mompetition. At a random outing, a mom might start by asking you a lot of questions about your life. These are not normal questions in a normal manner, but they are lots of POKING questions. These moms are trying to find your weak spots and decide in which areas of life they are BETTER than you.

Here are some examples of mompetition, then some ways to handle it:

·         "My kid is only 12 and is almost an Eagle Scout. Congratulations on your 17-year-old Scout getting his Fingerprinting badge!" (For those of you non-Scouters, an Eagle Scout rank is HARD to get, takes years, involves a major service project and is usually earned by an 18th birthday.)

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