December 3, 2016

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Blood Donation

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Blood Donation
By Kerrie McLoughlin
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There are countless stories told by people who have been helped by a blood donor they will never meet. Many of these stories include lives being saved by a one-time blood transfusion during childbirth, surgery, an accident or for so many other reasons. Other stories include people who needed regular blood transfusions, including pediatric cancer patients who would not be alive today without this amazing gift of blood. According to NCH Healthcare System in Naples, “It is estimated that nine out of ten people who live to age 70 will require a blood transfusion.”

According to the American Red Cross, just one pint of blood can save up to three lives. January is National Blood Donor month and the perfect time to start thinking about giving blood and/or plasma on a regular basis. Starting when my kids were young, my husband and I would take them to our local blood donation center so they could see their dad giving blood. Since then, they have been eager to hit the required blood donor age and are excited at the idea of helping to save lives. Why not take your child with you to see the blood donation process so you can get him used to the idea and take the mystery out of it?

Kerrie McLoughlin blogs at and is married to a man who donates his O negative blood and platelets on a regular basis.


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