December 3, 2016

Dollars and Sense: Raising Financially Fit Kids

Dollars and Sense: Raising Financially Fit Kids
By Kerrie McLoughlin
695 words

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When I was a kid I thought that just because there were checks in my parents’ checkbook, there was plenty of money in the bank. How many kids these days think whipping out a credit card is the way to pay for items – any items – no matter the cost? I don’t want my own kids to be financial freaks, fiscal failures, money misfits. As parents, we have a special opportunity to teach our kids about money … and how they can handle it responsibly so they stay out of debt down the line and know how to save for their future needs and wants.

Saving money. The elementary-age crowd is eager to soak up information about money, as they are tiny consumers. Start with a simple piggy bank for very young kids and teach about saving money in the piggy bank until they have saved enough money to buy something special. For preschoolers, this may be a small toy. For older kids, they may keep their saved money in a wallet and eventually spend it on something like a nice doll outfit, a LEGO set or a Nerf gun.

Kerrie McLoughlin is the homeschooling mom of five financially savvy kids and shares their journey at

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