January 19, 2010

Only Isn't Lonely

941 words, including sidebar of Famous Only Children

Only children often get a bad rap for being spoiled, selfish and lonely, among other things. This piece busts some only-child myths with lots of quotes from parents of onlies.

According to www.abcnews.com, “A generation ago, only 10 percent of families had only children. Today that percentage has more than doubled.” These days, parents of more than three children are often asked, “Are you crazy?!” But parents of only one child are also judged and are often asked, “When are you going to have another?”

Nataly Kogan, creator of www.workitmom.com, says, “Like other parenting decisions — to breastfeed or not, to let kids cry it out or not, to go back to work or to stay home — figuring out how many kids to have is an extremely personal process, but it’s also one that causes others to share advice and opinions without much invitation.”

Some couples may long for more children but are unable to have them due to health problems or other factors. Some get a late start having a family. Some, like Tina Mowrey of Olathe, are simply sure they are done with one. She says, “I think it is to each their own. We love our life just the way it is!”

Read on to see seven Only Child Myths get busted.

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