December 4, 2009

Moms Making Money From Home

Subtitle: 5 flexible jobs you can do without hiring a sitter

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Do you have a kid stuck on your hip, but you are desperate to get out of the house? Or do you just need some cash and don’t want to have to hire a babysitter to get it? Are you interested in a different kind of challenge? This piece includes five varied and flexible options complete with the positive aspects and ideas on how to get started then, depending on your interests, you can check out the sidebar for even more ideas.

Flexible options include: freelance writer, babysitting at your own home, babysitting outside the home (churches, health clubs and daycares), medical transcription and mystery shopping.

The sidebar includes 11 more jobs you may be able to do from home (complete with web site addresses), including e-juror, online tutor and virtual assistant.

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